Design Decisions

A place to document various Hub design decisions for reference


  1. Create a github issue in by roughly following the design decision template and tag the appropriate people or teams
  2. Discuss and reach a decision; determine what platforms the decision impacts: web and/or mobile
  3. Create a pull request by filling the design decision template and saving it under a unique ddxxx_reference and name
  4. Document arguments for and against each option discussed as well as the decision made
  5. Link the decision file to the table below using the unique dd_reference; add platform tags web and/or mobile
  6. Request a final review of documented decision from the appropriate people or teams
  7. Merge the pull request

Decisions made#

Decision madePlatform affected
dd001_The words in a button do not change in the loading stateweb, mobile
dd002_Use the "default" button style for Cancel
dd003_Sentence casing of page titles, labels, and buttons
dd004_Provide an inline error message underneath the upload component button.
dd005_Title of Hub page is also the browser page title
dd006_Labels are placed ontop of fields. Labels are not in bold
dd007_Addresses are given in individual fields
dd008_Use small link button variation when left-aligning underneath other copy
dd009_Use default content "No data" for the empty state component
dd010_Use living library when changing empty state copy per instance
dd011_File formats should be capitilized and their "." removed in UI copy
dd012_Editing can be done without needing to enter an "edit state"
dd013_Displaying required fields
dd014_Do not display pagination if only a single page of results


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