Browser Support


Hub libraries support the two latest versions of browsers that have more than 1% of global users and are not considered dead.


The list of supported browsers is defined through the configuration of the browserlist string in your package.json.

last 2 versions
> 1%
not dead


Currently, there is no requirements for an app's browser support. It is recommended that you adhere to the library standard when possible.

  • Pros
    • Development teams have independence to set standards
  • Cons
    • Hub apps have an inconsistent browser experience
    • No reference for broswer support by apps
    • Complicates providing client support
    • Difficult to communicate expectations to clients

Adding IE 11 browser support#

  1. Delete: node_modules/.cache (to avoid issues with babel-loader)
  2. Install the core-js and the polyfill (raf): npm install core-js@3 raf
  3. Add the imports into your index.tsx (.jsx): core-js and raf/polyfill
  4. Run the app: npm run start (or npm run dev if you are using the shell)
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