The Hub app service hosts the static assets used to run all Hub applications and the Hub Shell. Further information on the services.

Client Impact Dashboard#


Service Monitoring#

hub-prod-westus1 Azure Portal

New Relic

Service Logging#


Service components#

Identify major components used in the service

  • Application tier - Azure Service Plan prod-westus-006
  • Database - N/A
  • Other resources - Traffic Manager

Manual Validation#

Other Support Notes#

  • Is it safe to recycle this service while it's in use?
    • Yes
  • Any other general pieces of info worth sharing to someone potentially trying to fix it without knowing much about it
    • Each app in the Hub app service is a collection of static assets in an associated directory
    • Each app is independently deployed through an upsert

Escalation Path#

Incident Runbooks#

  • Refer to the above

Disaster Recovery#

Recent RCAs#

  • Nothing yet ๐Ÿคž
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