Configuring old Hub v1 Environments


Follow the common set-up as described in the Configuring Environments

Hub v1#

These steps are specific to using hub.common.tooling@1.x. Upgrade your app to the newest version of hub.common.tooling following the steps in the Upgrading guide. Once you are done, follow the updated guide to Configuring environments.

  1. Install Node.js 8

    nvm install 8.11.4 && nvm use 8.11.4
  2. Install Bower and Gulp globally.

    Gulp 3.9.1 will not work!

    npm install -g bower gulp@3.9.0
  3. Clone a repository, HubBoilerplate in this example

    git clone
    cd HubBoilerplate
  4. Install dependencies

    npm install && bower install
  5. Verify your environment by running the app

  6. Navigate to http://localhost:9000 and confirm the app is running

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