Routing Standards

When creating a page for your Hub application, use the following standards for the urls.

List Resources/{resources}/products
Resources is the plural name of the resource
Action on Resources/{resources}/{action}/products/import
Actions that do not relate to a single resources
New Resource/{resources}/new?{field=value}/products/new?name=Example
This is an example of the above case with a query string to prepopulate values.
Individual Resource/{resources}/{id}/products/123
This should include the resource's edit form
Individual Resource Action/{resources}/{id}/{action}/prodcuts/123/history
Actions that relate to a single resource
Many-to-Many Relationships/{resourcesA}/{idA}/{resourcesB}/{idB}/categories/123/products/123
Only for many-to-many use a single identifier if possible


When showing errors on pages, you should not redirect the user to another route, eg. /404, but instead, display the error message on the requested URL.

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