Owning an App

Hi there ๐Ÿ‘‹ Looks like you own an App! With great power comes great responsibility, so make sure that you read this document carefully and follow all these steps listed below.

Issue triaging is the responsibility of the app's owners. Immediately redirecting to #hub-developers is not an acceptable support protocol.

Support requests need to follow Requesting Work.

What are your responsibilities?#

1. Follow the DevOps Checklist#

To confirm that your circle is meeting all of the DevOps expectations that are placed on them, follow the DevOps Checklist

2. Document Production Releases with Release Notes#

Knowledge Management requires all changes released to production to have release notes. Refer to the Hub Release Notes Runbook for full documentation.

3. Maintain a BirdBrain Entry#

To help others identify who they request support from, add an entry for your app in BirdBrain.

  1. If your team is not in BirdBrain, create a new owner
  2. Create a new Hub app entry
Transferring Ownership

When transfering the ownership of a Hub app, make sure to change the Owner field of your BirdBrain entry.

4. Stay Up to Date with Hub Development#

5. New features and deployments#

You are responsible for new features and bugfixes related to your apps. If you need help with frontend related work, you can request work from us. Deploying and testing new features and/or bug fixes is your accountability. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us on #hub-developers slack channel if you need help.

Need help?#

  • If you have burning questions that are not answered in our documentation, you can reach us at #hub-developers slack channel.

  • We highly encourage you to use the feedback button in our documentation to provide us with feedback or comments.

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