Creating a New Hub App

If you are new to React we recommend following MDN's Getting started with React

If you want to create an app without using @iqmetrix/cra-template, you can follow Creating a New React App


Configuring your environment

You only need to follow the common environment's configuration for React projects.

Bootstrap Your App#

  1. Create a create-react-app application using the @iqmetrix/cra-template package.

    npx create-react-app <my-app> --template @iqmetrix/cra-template --use-npm

    You can add the --use-npm option to skip using yarn, which is default for create-react-app

  2. Run this script and navigate to http://localhost:9000/#dev to see your application running within the Hub shell.

    npm start
    Serving your app

    It uses @iqmetrix/hub-dev-server to proxy all application requests to the specified app host.

Inside of your new App#

The @iqmetrix/cra-template has all the necessary configurations and packages for you to get started. Check the API page to see what is inclused.


The react-devtools is already configured from the template. To run your app with the devtools enabled, you can do:

npm run dev

Next Steps#

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