Configuring the Sidebar and Settings App

The sidebar of the Hub shell is configured using the applications.json file.

Adding an Application Entry#

Perform the following steps in the Frontend-packages. Refer to the API Reference for complete configuration options.

  1. Add an applications entry to packages/config/applications/applications.json.

    Your changes to this file should be able to be promoted to further environments if at all possible. If you do not want your application to appear beyond a certain environment you can use the environmentToggleLevel parameter.

    "applications": {
    "myApplication": {
    "id": "myApplication",
    "title": "My Application",
    "description": "My example React application.",
    "href": "/#myApp",
    "icon": "fa fa-cog",
    "version": 3,
    "environmentToggleLevel": "int",
    "permissions": [
  2. Add a group entry to packages/config/applications/applications.json.

    Depending on the needs of your application, you will need to add its id to groups under any number of the following locations:

    applicationGroupsParent entity that has neither the Company or MasterEntity role.
    Eg. iQmetrix users
    applicationGroupVariations.CompanyParent entity with the Company role.
    applicaitonGroupVariations.MasterEntityParent entity with the MasterEntity role.
    "applicationGroups": [
    "groupName": "My Group",
    "applications": [
  3. If you are adding new permissions, you will need to add the permission to permissions.json.

  4. Create a pull request and have your team review and merge it.

Releasing Changes#

Change Management

Releasing applications.json must be treated like releasing any other project and follow Change Management processes, including having it's own release tickets.

applications.json is deployed from the frontend-packages using Azure DevOps Pipeline. Merging a change will trigger a build and a release into INT automatically. You can find the steps in the applications.json api document.

If you've added new permissions, you will also need to release it using Azure. More info in the permissions.json api document.


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