Email Template

  • Product Manager contact name:

  • Name of app:

  • Description of work required:

  • Is this a change to an existing feature, or a new feature?

  • Link to the related Aha! feature or Azure story/feature:

  • Does design need to be involved (ie does it involve any change to UI)? If so, what is the designer's contact name?

  • What is the timeline for delivery?

  • Does this require a new backend to be built, or re-uses an existing backend?

  • Link to work items (stories, features) for backend:

  • Neccesary endpoints, or link to API doc. For each one include:

    • Endpoint url
    • Permissions
    • Request/response contract
    • Status codes of the responses
  • Full reproduction steps, including screenshots (if a bug):

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