A CRA Template to create iQ React Apps.


See Creating a New Hub App for full usage.

npx create-react-app <my-app> --template @iqmetrix/cra-template --use-npm


In addition to all the standard features provided by Create React App, we provide the following iQ specific features.


Toggle pages or individual components based on the current user's permissions.

Azure DevOps Pipelines#

Build and release your application through Azure DevOps Pipelines.

Cypress E2E Testing#

Write E2E tests for your application using Cypress.

Design System Components#

Use the React Design System implementation to create your application.

Google Analytics#

Add analytics to your application to understand how it is used.


The template application is ready to be translated into any locales you require.


Keep your code formatting consistent, stop worrying about bikeshedding, and just write apps.


Register pages, read URL parameters, and navigate using react-router-dom.

Sentry Error Logging#

Record and triage runtime errors of your application with Sentry.


Write safer, more maintainable applications with TypeScript.

File Structure#


Component files are named in PascalCase

All other files are named in snake-case


All folders contain an index.ts file that exports the public contents of their folder.

/cypress - Cypress helpers and e2e tests
/node_modules - Installed dependencies
/public - Static files included with your app
/assets - Images and other assets built into the app
/components - Components shared between pages
/hooks - Hooks shared between pages
/models - Business logic types / interfaces used throughout the app
/pages - The top level components that are routed to
/page - A directory with the component rendered in the route and any unique components, functions, hooks, etc.
/shared - Common functions, constants, types, and interfaces shared in the app
/i18n - The localized strings and types for the app
/App.tsx - Route configuration
/index.tsx - App Initialization


Refer to template.json for the up to date listing of dependencies included with @iqmetrix/cra-template.


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