Further information can be found in Configuring the Sidebar

The applications.json file defines the contents of the sidebar in Hub. All Hub applications use the same instance of this file served from https://hub{env}


interface ApplicationsJson {
applications: { [id: string]: Application };
applicationGroups: ApplicationGroup[];
applicationGroupVariations: {
Company: ApplicationGroup[];
MasterEntity: ApplicationGroup[];
interface Application {
id: string;
title: string;
description?: string;
href: string;
icon?: string;
permissions?: string[];
assertionType?: "all" | "any";
environmentToggleLevel?: "dev" | "int" | "rc" | "prod";
featureToggles?: string[];
version?: number;
interface ApplicationGroup {
groupName: string;
domainRebrand?: { [domain: string]: string };
applications: string[];
defaultApp?: string;
icon?: string;
path?: string;
disableToggle?: boolean;
useDefaultOrder?: boolean;


Defines all application entries.

idThe case-sensitive id of the application. Must match the applications hash key.
titleThe name of the application, shown in the sidebar.
descriptionA brief summary of the application.
hrefThe relative path to your application.
v1 a path. Eg. /yourApp
v2 and React a hash. Eg /#yourApp
iconThe icon classes for the application. Usually from Font Awesome
Eg. fa fa-user
permissionsA case-sensitive list of permission names.
assertionTypeHow to assert permissions.
Default: "any" at least one permission granted.
"all" all permissions granted.
environmentToggleLevelLimits the application entry to the given environment and below. Eg. If this is set to "rc" the application will show in "dev", "int", and "rc".
featureTogglesA list of feature toggles required to show this application.
versionThe version of Hub the application is built in. Used by the shell when loading.
Default: 1
React apps use 3.


Applications in the Hub sidebar are displayed as groups. What appears to be single application entries in the sidebar are groups with one application.

groupNameThe name to display for iQmetrix users or when no domainRebrand is provided.
domainRebrandA hash of brands to the name to display for that brand.
Eg. { "Cova": "Alternate Naming" }
applicationsAn array of applications ids to display in the group.
defaultAppThe application to open when the group is selected directly.
iconThe icon classes for the group.
disableToggleHides the group when true.
Default: false
useDefaultOrderWhen true, Order applications in the group according to the order of applications.
Default: false, applications are ordered alphabetically.


Defines the groupings of applications for users that do not have a parent entity of role Company or MasterEntity.

iQmetrix users will use these groups.


Defines the groupings of applications for users with a parent entity of role Company or MasterEntity.

Most end users fall under parent entities with the Company role.

settings Application Group#

The settings application group is a special case. It is used both as a standard sidebar application group and by the settings app.

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