Design System Usage


As part of our UX consolidation and front-end modernization strategy, our goal is to prioritize using our design system reusable components whenever possible. We have a decision tree to evaluate whether you should use it or not based on your specific use case.

Overall Value#

  • Decrease design and development time with reusable web components.
  • Reduce friction felt by our end-users by building consistent interactions across our products.
  • Iteratively modernize our legacy product.
  • Faster to market / faster release cadence for RQ features.

Design System Decision Tree#

Design System Decision Tree

Web in RQ#

  • Once the interaction is in RQ, we can release updates independently (from full RQ releases) allowing us to iterate based on analytics/feedback and be more agile.
  • We are iterating on experience consistency and modernizing our front-end technology.
  • We are able to gather more analytics and insights of the user flows (Google Analytics and Sentry.)

Use when#

  • The interaction is reusable in multiple places within RQ (adding a product to something, email/print receipt modal in orders and invoices etc.)
  • The interaction may be updated regularly with enhancements/new features.
  • We are taking an iterative approach because we don't fully understand how users interact with the feature when we don't have/can't get enough data.

Do not when#

  • The interaction will block a sales rep from “tendering a sale” if there is an unexpected problem.


Use when#

  • Building a new hub app.
  • Building a new stand alone app.
  • When modernizing a V1 or V2 app.
  • When we are able to integrate React into an existing V1 app without fully rewriting it.

Do not use when#

  • We are unable to integrate React into an existing V1 app and the feature is small enough that it does not make sense to rewrite the app.


  • Ensure consistentcy by following behavior patterns. We do not currently have native IOS or Android reusable components in our design system.

Additional Developer Reference for Web in RQ (Work in Progress)#

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