dd013_Displaying required fields.

Question: Should we indicate required fields or optional fields in forms?

Option 1#

Only display an (optional) field indicator, not a *required field indicator.


  • Less noise in the UI if we are following the UX pattern to only include required fields in the form.


  • This option will require a component style change.

Option 2#

Only display a *required field indicator, not an (optional) field indicator.


  • NN Group suggests that display *required fields is a more familiar pattern.
  • Does not require a component style change.


  • Will add UI to the form in more scenarios than if only (optional) fields were indicated.


Option 2. Display *required fields using an asterisk. Do not add (optional) to unrequired fields.

  • Use a red asterisk.
  • The asterisk should be to the left of the first character of the label.
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