dd012_Editing can be done without entering an edit state.

web, mobile#

Question: _Should users be required to enter an edit state before being able to edit?

List of options

  • Users are required to click "edit" to be able to edit content.
  • Users are able to edit content without entering an edit state. If changes are made, the user is presented with options to save, or discard changes.

Fields are always editable.#


  • Clean approach with fewer UI elements. The discard changes / save buttons would only be visible after an edit had been made.
  • Keeps the user in context as opposed to being taken to a new page / new view.


  • Discoverability of the edit functionality.

In order to edit, a user must intentionally enter an edit state.#


  • Discoverability is more intuitive.


  • Takes the user out of their current workflow.
  • Edit button is always present in the UI.


We opted for option 1 - Fields are always editable. Part of the strategy behind this decisions left with Juhi, however the intention was to introduce an action bar that would always exist in a consistent place as relying on the proximity of the buttons to the actions is not always obvious. Additional research and effort is needed do document the various use cases, however we have agreed that the decision was safe enough to try.

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