dd003_Sentence casing of page titles, labels, and buttons

Question: Should we capitalize every word in page titles, field labels and buttons or just the first word unless it's a noun?

  1. Title casing old (v1) Hub

    ![Title case example](/assets/dd003-titlecase1.png)
    ![Title case example](/assets/dd003-titlecase2.png)
  2. Sentence casing

    ![Sentence case example](/assets/dd003-sentencecase1.png)

Option 1#


  • Unwritten practice across old Hub


Option 2#


  • Cleaner and improves readability. Page titles, labels longer than 3-4 words are easier to read.
  • Proper nouns and branded terms are much easier to recognize.
  • Easier implementation - designers don't have to think through the rules of title casing.


  • Creating inconsistency with old Hub
  • Does not follow traditional


Option 2. Use sentence case for all page titles, buttons, and labels:

  • Capitalize the first word of the title
  • Capitalize proper nouns or branded words (names of products, countries, locations)
  • Lowercase for everything else

Unlike traditional texts, page titles and labels in software can often be a long sentence. Example Set future prices for products. Sentence casing looks visually cleaner and readable. Sentence casing also works for short buttons. Example Save product

For the sake of simplifying minor styling decisions, having one option (Sentence casing) for long and short page titles, buttons, and field labels is easier to keep consistent.

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