Component Status

The latest component updates and changes. If you have a suggestion for a new component not listed here, create an issue on GitHub.

Component Status#

When we add, update, or deprecate a component we update the status so that it is clear what is available to use. TBD = to be documented. Those listed as "no use cases" should not be used until evaluated by design and added to the design system.

ComponentStatusLast Updated (mmm dd, yyyy)Implementation
AvatarNo use casesWeb
BadgeAddedFeb 3, 2021Web
CalendarNo use casesWeb
CardAddedJun 11, 2020Web
CarouselNo use casesWeb
CollapseAddedJul 30, 2020Web
CommentNo use casesWeb
DescriptionsTBD - to be documentedWeb
EmptyAddedMay 01, 2020Web
ListAddedJuly 28, 2020Web
PopoverNo use casesWeb
StatisticNo use casesWeb
TableAddedFeb 11, 2021Web
TabsAddedSep 17, 2020Web
TagAddedSep 10, 2020Web
TimelineNo use casesWeb
TooltipTBD - to be documentedWeb
TreeAddedOct 20, 2020Web

Data Entry#

ComponentStatusLast Updated (mmm dd, yyyy)Implementation
AutoCompleteNo use casesWeb
CascaderNo use casesWeb
CheckboxAddedMay 06, 2020Web
DatePickerAddedMay 07, 2020Web
FormAddedNov 26, 2020Web
Input NumberAddedMay 15, 2020Web
InputAddedNov 26, 2020Web
MentionsNo use casesWeb
RadioAddedMay 06, 2020Web
RateNo use casesWeb
SelectAddedMay 06, 2020Web
SliderNo use casesWeb
SwitchNo use casesWeb
TimePickerTBD- to be documentedWeb
TransferNo use casesWeb
TreeSelectNo use casesWeb
UploadAddedJun 04, 2020Web


ComponentStatusLast Updated (mmm dd, yyyy)Implementation
AlertAddedOct 19, 2020Web
DrawerTBD - to be documentedWeb
MessageAddedJan 13, 2021Web
ModalAddedJan 29, 2021Web
NotificationTBD - to be documentedWeb
PopconfirmAddedAug 13, 2020Web
ProgressTBD - to be documentedWeb
ResultAddedSept 23, 2020Web
SkeletonAddedMar 12, 2019Web
Loading SpinnerAddedJul 29, 2020Web


ComponentStatusLast Updated (mmm dd, yyyy)Implementation
ButtonAddedJul 29, 2020Web
IconTBD - to be documentedWeb
TypographyAddedNov 11, 2020Web


ComponentStatusLast Updated (mmm dd, yyyy)Implementation
DividerTBD - to be documentedWeb
GridTBD - to be documentedWeb
OverflowToggleTBD - to be documentedWeb
Page LayoutTBD - to be documentedWeb


ComponentStatusLast Updated (mmm dd, yyyy)Implementation
AffixNo use casesWeb
BreadcrumbTBD - to be documentedWeb
DropdownAddedJan 7, 2020Web
MenuNo use casesWeb
PageHeaderAddedOct 23, 2020Web
PaginationTBD - to be documentedWeb
StepsNo use casesWeb


ComponentStatusLast Updated (mmm dd, yyyy)Implementation
AnchorNo use casesWeb
BackTopTBD - to be documentedWeb
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