A popconfirm is a simple and compact component that is used to ask for user confirmation.

Use when#

  • We recommend the user makes a different decision than the one they are about to make, but we still want to give them the option to move forward regardless of our recommendation.
  • You do not want to completely disrupt the user flow with a non critical decision.

Don't use when#

  • The user is making a critical or destructive decision.

Visual Style#

  • Always use the default component style.


  • The user must interact with the interface to prompt the popconfirm. It should not appear without an interaction.
  • Appears above content with which user is interacting.
  • Remains open until user gives confirmation.


  • Always write in sentence case.
  • Keep your message short and descriptive.
  • Use words and phrases that are familiar to the user rather than special system terms.
  • Avoid apologies or ambiguity.
  • Avoid visual clutter such as "Warning" or "Are you sure?".



Related components#


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